NSS 26-9-055-1 36V Vacuum Motor for NSS

NSS 2690551
Scrubber Vacuum Motors
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NSS 26-9-055-1 36V 3-Stage Vacuum Motor for NSS Floor Scrubbers. Powerful 36V DC, 3-Stage, dual ball bearing Ametek vacuum fan motor. 5.7" diameter, by-pass design with side discharge. 17.55 Amps. Fits many National Super Service 36V models including Wrangler 27, Wrangler 27FB, Wrangler 27VS, Wrangler 33, Wrangler 33FB, Wrangler 33VS, Champ 2929, Champ 3329 autoscrubbers (some 2929/3329's take an optional HD motor - 2929's use 7694309, 3329 use 3393361 or 7693851). PLEASE NOTE: Some Wrangler units take a similar vacuum motor without the side discharge tube. If this is the case, use NSS 23-9-557-1. Uses 2490561 vac motor gasket. One vacuum motor required in most models. Dealer List Price is $296.30!! Save more than $125.00. Priced Each. Replaces NSS 26-9-055-1. Our Part Number NSS 2690551, NSS 26-9-055-1