FC 28-770N Neoprene Squeegee Kit for Factory Cat / Tomcat (38" Frame)

FC 28-770N
Sweeper/Scrubber Parts & Brushes
Factory Cat / Tomcat (RPS)
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FC 28-770N Neoprene Squeegee Kit for Factory Cat Tomcat Floor Scrubbers (38" Squeegee Frames). This two blade, oil and chemical resistant black neoprene squeegee kit contains both the rear (outer) and slotted front (inner) squeegee blades as well as a squeegee wheel kit with two 2-1/2" non-marking wheels and hardware. The rear blade, FC 28-754N, measures 45-1/8" x 2-1/2" with 8 mounting holes. The front blade, FC 28-755N, measures 43" x 2-3/8" with 8 notches (3 on top, 5 on bottom) and 8 mounting holes. This kit Fits Factory Cat and Tomcat models: 27D, 28C, 2700D, 2800C (in the 2000 Series), 29, 29SS, 290, GTX-30C, GTX-34C, GTX-34D, Magnum 30C, Magnum 30D, Magnum 34C, and Magnum 34D (C=Cylinder, D=Disc). These blades may fit other models including Tomcat 3000D, 3000C, 3400D, and 3400C. Please measure your blades before ordering. Many models were outfitted with different size squeegee weldments from the factory. Check your weldment to see if it has 38" stamped into the casting. Will not fit MiniMag Series. We also offer an oil resistant advanced rubber rear blade kit (Use FC 28-770L). Includes two squeegee frame roller wheels with mounting hardware. Priced Each. Replaces Factory Cat Tomcat 28-770N. Our Part Number FC 28-770N
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